Roasted vegetables

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1.  2 or 3 vegetables (about 2 pounds), chopped in ½ to 1 inch pieces

   This can be almost any vegetable.  My favorites are sweet onion and frozen green beans, or current favorite zucchini.   You could use mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, eggplant, fennel or any kind of onion.  Believe me, I have tried all of these in various combinations.

2.  Olive oil, 1-2 tbsp.

  Some vegetables will need more such as mushrooms and eggplant.  You want the vegetables to appears lightly oiled but this can be overdone and then they end up too oily.

3.  Kosher salt, 2 or 3 pinches

Any number of other flavors can be added, such as garlic, balsamic vinegar, lemon, lime, or pepper, but this is the very basic plan and it is delicious! 


1.    Set the oven at 425 degrees.  I don’t wait for it to preheat.  I use convection roast setting but bake or roast will work.

2.    Spray a rimmed baking sheet with a thin coating of Pam. This can be very light, but some vegetables will stick without it.

3.    Place the chopped vegetables in a medium bowl and toss with the olive oil and salt.

4.    Spread the vegetables on the rimmed baking sheet and then place them in the oven at the lowest possible location.  The very bottom of the oven may be the hottest for some ovens, and that is where I put them.  That is quite close to the heating element and the vegetables become delicious very quickly!

5.    After 10 minutes check for doneness.  Stir the vegetables and they will probably need another 10 or even 20 minutes more of roasting.  I like them quite browned with lots of flavor development, but adjust to taste.


You can add fresh greens such as chopped chives, basil, or cilantro along with a squeeze of lemon, lime, or vinegar before eating but I usually just gobble them up!