Oven roasted Tilapia

We eat roasted fish a lot and will use this recipe for salmon or walleye, too. Recently I found mahi-mahi at Sam’s Club and that also worked.


Tilapia fillets-1 or 2 per person

Toasted sesame seed oil to drizzle

Fish sauce 1 tsp per fillet

Onion or pepper jelly 1 tsp per fillet, or honey to drizzle

Coarse salt, a pinch for each fillet


Turn the oven on convection roast-or roast-at 450 degrees F. Oil a rimmed half baking sheet (I use Pam). Make sure the fish fillets are dry so they will brown rather than steam. I wrap them in paper towel for a bit to dry them and then place them on the pan. Add the fish sauce, sesame oil, salt and the jelly or honey to each fillet. Place the pan in the oven on a middle rack and set the timer for 10 minutes. At 10 minutes check for doneness. They usually need 5 more minutes. If unsure, check the temperature-I love my ThermoPop-they should be 145 degrees F.

The fish sauce gives the umami, the jelly gives a bit of funk and sweetness plus promotes browning, and, of course, you need the salt. You always need the salt! Thank you for reading this.