Salt the Vegetables

I get really hungry at work and to try to be healthy and feel good, I brought cut up vegetables all ready to crunch into when I began to think I might starve to death. So I was crunching along and after I had eaten a bunch, I realized these vegetables are not very tasty. I ate a few more before I remembered I had Kosher salt at work and I could put some on these vegetables.

So I did and what a difference that made. Duh! Everyone knows salt is wonderful and makes food taste better. For so long I was led to believe that salt was bad and I should eat as little of it as possible. Salt in food has been held responsible for hypertension, heart disease and stroke to name a few. Now I believe in my heart of hearts that, yes, too much salt is bad, but that most of our salt we eat comes from packaged foods and eating out. Food prepared at home seasoned to taste has so much less salt so I rest assured I can season as I wish and not worry about too much salt.

It is true that people suffering heart failure and other diseases need to restrict salt severely and they should follow their health care providers guidance closely to continue to do well.

My patients used to tell me how they put salt on fresh home grown tomatoes and I would cringe. Well, have you tried that? That’s delicious! A little salt just makes food zing! And also, Kosher salt is coarser, more flaky, therefore less salty per pinch. Kosher salt has a more mild, less metallic taste, so food tastes better.


So the next morning, I cut up my cucumber, red bell pepper, peeled my carrots and gave them a chop and then sprinkled all of them with Kosher salt. I gave them a little shake in their sealed container and took them to work. Later that day—yum!! Here’s the recipe.