Our Current Favorite Salad Dressing

Since I returned to work, we eat out more often, and a go to for us is Applebees, especially on the road and in a hurry. We both have the Asian Chicken Salad (with our own modifications) and love the dressing. We love it so much that we save the extra and use it at home. So, I searched how to make this thinking it couldn’t be that hard. Sure enough, I found the recipe for Asian Chicken Salad online and tried it at home. Marlo agrees it is pretty close to the real thing. And I think the Roasted Sesame Oil is key.

I served it to our family when everyone was home for a bridal open house for our son and his fiancé and people liked it and asked for the recipe. (That means success to me!) I made a salad of shredded cabbage and kale with sunflower seeds and dried cherries. The dressing is sweet from the honey and tart from the mayo and so yummy with the crunchy vegetables and seeds. And the dried cherries add an extra zing! Marlo does not like the cherries but that means more for me!

This is so good you are going to love it! Go to the recipe here. Thank you for reading. It’s good to hear from you!