Breast of Duck and Figs in France

I just read on the Eater that the French cuisine revival is just
getting started. After the Great Recession many French
restaurants here in the US closed. Why? Too fancy? Health
concerns? Out of style? Whatever the reason, it sounds like they
are on there way back, so expect more buerre blanc, tarte
flambée, and soufflé to appear on menus. Having experienced it
first hand, we will be on the look out.

Our host, Suzy, suggested that instead of going out the last night
of our stay, we eat in and that everyone prepare a part of the
meal. It was a great idea and the results were delicious!

The day before the meal we visited Cannes where there is a
wonderful open market and got there 30 minutes before closing.
So we all hurried around and made our selections before they
packed it all up.

And this is what we came up with: Connie started the meal with
French breakfast radishes served with coarse salt and Craig roasted red bell
peppers and they served them on slices of baguette. It turns out
French rosé is good (and inexpensive) so we took every
opportunity to enjoy it. And it goes great with radishes and
roasted pepper on slices of baguette.


Rosé also goes with bruschetta that Sue and Greg made. The
bruschetta was so fresh and beautiful as well as delicious. Marlo
and I added a salad of baby lettuce, asparagus, fennel and
radishes dressed with a honey lemon vinaigrette. And rosé.


For the main course Suzy and Paul made Breast of Duck with
figs: Provence recipe. It smelled wonderful as she carefully
prepared it and the figs added a nice sweetness. And guess what
we drank! Rosé!


For dessert Sue and Greg served gelato with many wonderfully
flavored marcarons for dessert. Gelato is Italian but it turns out
that the part of France we visited once was part of Italy, so there
you go! The macarons we had are the little sandwich looking
ones and not the ones made with coconut. (Definitely French but
love both.) Oh, so good!


We enjoyed dinner and then the stories started coming about
times traveling with good friends over the decades. We weren’t at
all bothered by the stories of blizzards back home, or swimming
pools covered in 20 inches of snow so that only the hand rails
showed. No, not even word of school closings or getting stuck at
each intersection on the way home after working all night
bothered us. Eh, they were fine. Suzy mentioned there might
be wild boar on the other side of the fence in the woods, but we
were quite content staying on the deck.

Does wild boar go with rosé?


Thank you for reading this. I love hearing from you.