Buttery Homemade Buns

I was without a job for the first time in decades and what I thought to do first was cook and bake.  I had subscribed to several blogs by email and found a bread recipe that looked promising on Food52.  The author told how this recipe is served as a starter to each dinner table at Kindred Restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina, and how people gobble it up.  She mentioned how she was going to just have a taste while she waited for someone to join her, and before she knew, it was all gone and she wanted more.

I thought this could be the perfect thing to occupy my time, plus produce something wonderful. And besides, I had never tried the dough hook on my stand mixer and always kinda wanted to, and this recipe told exactly how to do it.  Bingo!


So I made the bread and everyone that tried it agreed it was delicious.  How could you miss when you consider the cream and butter topped with flaky sea salt?  It has become my go to for buns for holidays and so I made a batch for Easter.  Here’s how I did it: