Kimchi and Fried Brown Rice

At an auction for our children’s private school, we bid on a dinner for 4, and got it! The cook was aspiring to be a chef but eventually became a lawyer and practices international law.  I think this gives insight to the kind of individual he is and that he was trying food unfamiliar to most of us. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago.

So one of the dishes he served that evening was kimchi in rice and amazingly, we all liked it, including Marlo!  So I asked our cook how to make it and it was quite easy.  I figured it out and we have eaten it many times throughout the years. The brown rice has nutritional benefit of fiber, carbohydrates, minerals (magnesium, manganese, and selenium) plus protein and is gluten-free.


The kimchi, consisting of cabbage and other vegetables, is a good source of vitamin A and C, other various vitamins and minerals, and lots of fiber. Kimchi is fermented so provides healthy bacteria to the digestive system and may help food digestion and absorption, protect the intestines, and prevent constipation.  It does all this and tastes great, too!


Speaking of great taste, it is high in salt, so that should be kept in mind if high blood pressure is a concern.  It usually is not eaten alone, but mixed with other foods, so the salt content of the dish ends up not so high.

This dish is a bit exotic and fun, so give it a try. (recipe)  Get back to me on how it goes.