Mother's Caramel Rolls

Does your family have that one recipe that everyone loves—that one thing that when you get together you have to have? Thought so. Ours is my mother’s caramel rolls.


These rolls are hearty and delicious. And the best part is that one of my dear sisters took it upon herself to carefully watch Mother make them, saved the recipe, and she makes them for us every summer when we get together at the lake. This is no small task. This is bread from scratch and she makes two huge pans.

Donna Rae starts in the evening and stirs together the bread. She enlists help from others and Susan, another dear sister, has been most helpful. They measure and stir and fret over the temperature of the yeast. There is conversation and laughing and at times it gets a bit loud, especially when we all join in!


The next morning, Donna Rae and Susan get up really early and have those delicious caramel rolls ready for all of us for breakfast. The smell-- the sight—-the taste—-is like no other. My warning--don’t take this on unless you are ready for hard work. But if you do, you will love them! Click the blue for the recipe. Please let me know what you think!