A Favorite Vegetable Soup (Lebanese Vegetable Soup)

There was a restaurant in Bismarck probably about 20-30 years ago that was called Good Earth or Green Earth, maybe Mother Earth, I can’t remember.  I researched it and found one article on restaurants you won’t remember in Bismarck, but this one did not make the list.  So I am still wondering.  Maybe you remember.

Anyway, this restaurant had great soups and sandwiches, and, oh! the cakes and cookies! But sadly, they went out of business a while back.  A pharmaceutical representative, (I am not sure who), would bring lunch from this restaurant and I just loved this soup.  I asked if I could get the recipe and he went to the trouble to ask the chef who wrote it down and I still have the copy in the chef’s handwriting.  I have enjoyed it many times and it was one of the first soups I learned about after deciding to eat pescatarian (1997).


I usually have everything on hand that I need for this recipe except the artichoke hearts.  You don’t want to skip those because they add interesting flavor and texture. This time I used quartered medium sized ones, but small artichokes might be nicer. The recipe had two large tomatoes but if I don’t have fresh tomatoes, I use canned and this time I used a 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes in place of the fresh ones.  I do believe what experts say that vegetables are canned at the peak of freshness so canned tomatoes are great and I use them a lot.

The chef specified that the liquid from the artichokes and chickpeas be included, so I do.  Eliminating that would be a way to decrease sodium content and there would still be plenty of flavor.


Thank you for reading and giving your feedback. I love to know what you think.