Don't Give Up!

I think about a new year beginning and it is a great time to make a fresh start.  It can be a point to say, “now I will” . . . whatever. However, it is well recognized that most of us do not stick with the original plan.  Only about a third of people make new year resolutions and of those resolutions, less than half are kept. 

Despite this, I think a person should try.  Whatever the goal is, such as:

1.   stop smoking,

2.   lose weight,

3.   exercise regularly or

4.   follow a healthy diet

I think it is worthwhile to come up with a plan and give it a try.  I have found that for one person to tell another person how to go about meeting the goal is problematic.  It turns out that our daily lives filled with our schedules, work, family, food preferences, food intolerances, past food experiences, plus, just the way we are, makes designing a plan to meet any of the above goals very complex.  For one individual to be able to understand all that goes on for another individual is almost impossible.  Therefore, I think the most successful plans are honed and fashioned by yourself.  One could start with a plan that seems to fit, and make adjustments from there. 

I have taken parts from many plans over the years, but generally follow the DASH Diet.  And I throw in stuff from this plan and that plan, kind of willy nilly.  But the scale tells the truth and I check that most days.  If it isn’t where is should be, something has to change. (Yes, I bought several new scales over the years.)

And of course, I screw up.  I did before and I will again.  This is for sure.  But the important thing is to try.  Don’t give up.  Keep trying.