ThermoPop Thermometer Review

I just love this little thing and I think you will, too.

I have tried several thermometers over the years, from a conventional old school thermometer (that always seemed to fog up), to an electronic one with a probe that could be placed in the oven.  They both worked somewhat but had problems.  Bottom line, I just was not sure I could believe them.  It always took a while to see numbers and then I wasn’t sure when to stop waiting.

But chefs and food experts always talk about checking the temperature to be sure, so I kept trying.  America’s Test Kitchen recommends the Thermoworks Therapen, but that costs a hundred dollars and I wasn’t ready to spend that.  We did eventually eat all that food I was testing, so how much was I going to gain?

But then Thermoworks came up with a cheaper alternative and it has tested well by America’s Test Kitchen.  It’s the ThermoPop!  And it’s great because:

·      It gives results in 3 minutes.

·      The end is sharp for easy insertion.

·      It does not fog up.

·      It comes in many colors.

·      It costs about $30 (rather than $100)

·      I believe it.

·      It has a clip, so you could wear it if you were outside using the grill.

·      It is so cute!!!

I got mine online through Thermoworks and I have not seen them any other place but they probably are available other places.

What do I use it for? Samin Nosrat in her book Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat says you watch the food and by doing it repeatedly, you will know when it is done by how it looks, feels and smells.  I’m sure she is right.  However, I obviously have not done it enough times yet. So, if I spring for a pricey piece of meat, like a filet of beef, I like to have the thermometer to be sure it’s right. I also use it on hamburgers, chicken and pork because of the risk of harboring bacteria if not completely cooked.  I like to get food done but not overdone which can ruin the flavor. And this thermometer is so easy to use, that I use it more than previous ones. 

Feel free to use the comment section below for questions or thoughts.  I love to hear them and will get back to each one.