Roasted Flax Seed

I have had requests for the recipe for roasted flax seed so I worked on that this morning and actually measured the flax and timed the roasting.  I hope having this clarified will make it easier for you to try this.

In ‘Crunchies, Nuts and Seeds’ I mentioned the benefits of flax seeds being full of vitamins, minerals, monosaturated fats, energy and fiber.  I make them part of my breakfast most every morning.

Julia Child told us you will know when something is done when you can smell it.  For flax, it will be a toasty brown color and smell better than you think.  It’s happened a number of times that when the kids were little, they would smell the flax and ask, hopefully, “What are we having?”, only to be quite disappointed that it was flax.

But give the recipe a try.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint you.  Let me know what you think.