OXO Tongs Review

So why am I so convinced that this tool is so valuable in the kitchen?  Well, let me tell you.

The OXO Tongs easily turns vegetables while roasting, tosses greens while dressing a salad, turns fish, chicken and meat while roasting or grilling.  They also work well in dishing and serving almost anything.  In a pinch, (literally) you can squeeze a lemon using the middle of the arms!

This is a staple tool for every kitchen.  I have had a tongs or two in my kitchen right along, but until I had the OXO Tongs, I didn’t have one as easily maneuvered making the ideal extension of my hand.  It can be picked up and opened by hitting the nonworking end against my side or a counter, so using only one hand.  Now some prefer a pair of tongs that is always open, however, closing allows for smaller storage area.  For most of my uses, I prefer the bare metal grips to the silicone covered one, for easier grasping. I had the 12 inch pair, keeping me further from the heat, and now like having the 8 inch pair, too.

They are moderate in price and can be purchased as a pair or one by one on Amazon.

I am having an OXO Tongs drawing for all who have subscribed to by blog.  You may still enter by going to the contact page and entering your name and email.  The drawing will be held Dec. 18 and I will announce the winner right here.  Good luck! 

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