Healthy Nana

My family tends to be long lived, for example, my dear mother lived to be 95 and was able to live on her own until the last year of her life.  So, I reasoned, that I will likely live to a ripe old age.  Now, if I’m going to live that long, I want to be comfortable and able to do what I want.  A disease could come along and do me in, but what if it didn’t and I survived to remain in poor health?

So, what could I do to stay healthy into advanced age?  A report from JAMA and Archives Journals on August 12, 2009 said four healthy lifestyle factors:

1.   never smoking,

2.   maintaining a healthy weight,

3.   exercising regularly and

4.   following a healthy diet

together appear to be associated with as much as an 80 percent reduction in the risk of developing the most common and deadly chronic diseases.  That is huge!  I realized this is something I could likely control. 

I know never smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and following a healthy diet is not easy.  In fact, doing that everyday of my life is very difficult.  However, people do difficult things everyday and here is evidence that doing these four things could largely prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.  I figured it was worth my best effort.

I hope to stay active and able to enjoy life with my family and friends for many years.  This is even more important to me since the birth of my granddaughter, Margot Louise.

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