French Tea Cakes (Madeleines)

Now we are getting quite fancy. I happened on the idea decades
ago paging through a Williams Sonoma catalog. Here was a cute
cookie with lemon flavoring (Marlo’s favorite) that looked like it
would be fun to serve friends and family. So I ordered the pans
and got ready to make them. The orange flower water was a
challenge. Since this was in the early 80’s, I didn’t know about
Amazon. I searched places locally and must have found it in
Minneapolis. I’m not sure. But we didn’t have a personal
computer until the early 90’s so I doubt I ordered it online. With
the orange flower water in hand, I had all I needed and got to
I didn’t know about folding so I talked to Mother about that. She
was always encouraging of such ideas. I did have a stand mixer
to beat the egg whites, so that was good. The directions say to
generously butter the molds and of course, I tried not to (to
decrease fat and calories) and so would have a tough time getting
the pretty cookies out of the pans. However, they were always
gobbled up with pleasure, no matter what they looked like. So
that kept me trying.
When kids came along and we were so busy, I didn’t make them
very often and years went by without Madelines. I’m not sure
what year my sister, Connie, gave me silicone Madeline pans.
These are a game changer. They outperform metal Madeline
pans, despite being generously doused in butter. So, that’s what I
use. They have them available on Amazon. I know, you are
surprised. And Pam. I know butter tastes better, but Pam works
so well and is so easy.