5 Reason to Drink Coffee

Coffee has for years been regarded as a health problem and we
were advised to avoid or at least limit it. But recently, studies
have been reported showing not only that coffee is probably safe,
but it is good for you! Keep in mind, these studies were
observational and not able to prove cause and effect. But I love
coffee and never stopped drinking it anyway, so I’m going with it!

     1. Helps mental capacity. It may decrease depression,
improve memory and prevent Parkinson’s disease.
     2. Protects the heart. It may decrease the risk of
cardiovascular disease. Now, we know that some people
have bothersome palpitations after drinking coffee, so they
are better to avoid it.
     3. Protects against Type 2 diabetes. Keep in mind, we don’t
know how this may work, but it might.
     4. Helps exercise effort. It may enhance energy, boost exercise
performance and rev metabolism.
     5. It’s delicious and tastes wonderful first thing in the morning!

I usually have three cups of coffee as I go through my email and
take a shower. I encouraged Marlo to have a cup in the morning
and he is getting into it. He enjoys it but doesn’t love it. We
recently learned that the local Y has a coffee shop featuring
locally roasted beans from the Mighty Missouri Coffee Company,
so we tried it and I thought it was delicious!

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