My Favorite Food Podcasts

There are these great things called podcasts that you probably know and love.  However, if you have not heard of these, and you have an iPhone, you have an app right there for your listening pleasure.  A podcast is a digital audio recording and they exist on almost any subject.  Since it is on your phone or other device, you can listen to them almost anywhere. Here are my favorite food podcasts:

Apple Podcast Icon

Apple Podcast Icon


     The Splendid Table

     My sister, Connie, told me about this radio show on NPR years ago and I never really got going on it.  But now that it is a podcast, I can listen to it anytime and I love it.


·      The Sporkful

   Dan Pashman is a blast to listen to.  His laugh reminds me of a good friends. His questions are less expected and his shows are delightful.


·      Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

     He is from America’s Test Kitchen but now started Milk Street.  He interviews lots of interesting folks about what they eat.


·      Radio Cherry Bombe

   This one celebrates women in the food industry.  They just launched their first cookbook. Probably need that.


·      Burnt Toast

   This is from Food 52, a great food information source.  They haven’t published lately, but I love it when they do.


·      Bon Appetit

   They discuss current food topics and they publish their recipes on their website.


·      Gastropod

   This one talks about history and science of food.  Who can get enough of that?


·      Eater Upsell

   This one I found recently and it is quickly becoming a favorite. 

There are many more and I am learning of new ones as I go along.  Some publish regularly, like weekly, while others will publish for a while and then I won’t hear from them for quite some time.  I subscribe to these so they download automatically to the podcast website. 

I thought you might like to hear of these, but if this is not your thing, you can count on me to keep listening and tell you what I learn.  But if you know of others you like, let me know.

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Ask me any questions that come to mind.  I love to hear from you.