Storm Day Soup

It’s snowing, cold and the wind is blowing.  Today is the perfect day for nice hot soup for lunch.  I learned about a celery soup on Bon Appetit that was said to be so good, he wanted to bathe in it.  Marlo has always liked celery, so I tried it.  Sure enough, it was delicious!  However, it started with a good deal of butter and added cream.

Then I found a video blogger, Fablunch, and she had a soup recipe with steamed vegetables processed in the food processor with a little olive oil added.  That sounded so much healthier, so it was a win for me.  But, would Marlo like it?

So I tried it using celery and potatoes (he loves potatoes) and onion and added a tablespoon of butter with the olive oil.  This was an eighth of the butter used in the first recipe.  What did he think?  He liked it and thought it had more butter than the first recipe! I know, that seems unlikely, but wait until you try it.  It is delicious!

I also add a squeeze of lemon at the very end.  I usually have avoided adding a strong flavor at the end of recipes that is so often advised.  In the past I found the flavor of vinegar or lemon too strong and unpleasant.  However, I am now convinced by Samin Nosrat in Salt Acid Fat and Heat that adding the acid enhances the other flavors.  The trick is the balance and it is easy to use too much.  Just a gentle squeeze of half a lemon brightens the flavor of this soup.  Give it try.  Taste before and after the lemon.  That bit of acid adds the zing!!

I sometimes add a half cup or so of canned beans such as large butter or cannellini to fill out the meal.  Here's the recipe.

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