10 Reasons to Eat Dark Leafy Greens



Dark Leafy Greens, Why Bother? (10 Reasons Why)


Why eat that lettuce? Isn’t it just crispy water? It is very low in calories and carbohydrates, so what purpose is there to eat it?

Turns out, dark leafy greens are the most nutritious food available. Here is a quote from Dr. Joel Fuhrman,  Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition:

Most vegetables contain more nutrients per calorie than any other food and are rich in all necessary amino acids. For example, romaine lettuce, which gets 18 percent of its calories from fat and almost 50 percent of its calories from protein, is a rich powerhouse with hundreds of cancer-fighting phytonutrients that protect us from a variety of threatening illnesses. Being healthy and owning a disease-resistant body is not luck; it is earned.

In a review of 206 human-population studies, raw vegetable consumption showed the strongest protective effect against cancer of any beneficial food. However, fewer than one in a hundred Americans consumes enough calories from vegetation to ensure this defense.

Furthermore, he points out that when you compare 100-calorie portions, broccoli has 11 g of protein and steak has only 6 g. Romaine lettuce has 7 g of protein and so does kale! It’s surprising, isn’t it? I think that more and more people are convinced that vegetables and fruit are so good for you and should be eaten.

Francis Lam, award winning New York Times Magazine columnist and Top Chef Masters judge, and now host of The Splendid Table radio show and podcast, said during episode 637: “When I first started cooking for my wife which is to say back when we were falling in love and realizing we wanted each other to live forever, we have this little chant we do anytime we put collards or broccoli rabe on the table: ‘Dark leafy greens, dark leafy greens.’ We cheer for them like they were the hometown team because we’re pretty convinced dark leafy greens will help you live forever. They are packed with vitamins, and fiber and antioxidants and probiotics and all kinds of stuff that I don’t actually know anything about, but it feels great to eat stuff you know is good for you. Still, we eventually stop thinking about green’s health benefits because we’re just so happy to eat them because they’re delicious!

So, why eat dark leafy greens? Here are ten reasons:

          1.  They are the most nutritious food.

          2.  They help prevent cancer and heart disease.

          3.  They are low in calories so can help control weight.

          4.  They are available in great variety locally.

          5.  They taste great fresh or frozen.

          6.  There are so many recipes available easily online or in the library or on this blog!

          7.  They are high in fiber.

          8.  They are high in minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics.  

          9.  They are filling and satisfying.

         10.  They take longer to eat, allowing time for your stomach to tell your brain that you ate and can soon stop eating.

Bottom line--they are DELICIOUS!!!


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