Ginger Cookies



These cookies have quite a history.  A pharmaceutical representative brought these cookies to the clinic many times.  I would like to think my mind was not persuaded to prescribe his product because of these cookies, but wait until you taste them. 

Turns out his wife made these cookies, so I asked Ann Persico if I could use the recipe here and mention her and she said yes, so here goes.  These cookies are delicious and cute.  Their tiny size fits into little and big hands so well. The strong flavors are perfect this time of year. I limit cookie intake, but I maintain that when something delicious becomes available, eat it!  And that is exactly what I did-each time.


The trick is to take them out of the oven before they look done and I am still working to get this right.  But no one seems to mind my failed attempts.

So find Ann’s recipe here.  And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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