My Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving feasting is soon here and oh, boy!  We have a menu much like my mother, (and probably yours or your grandmother) served in my childhood home.  There have been some additions and modifications.  The list is too long and I have tried to cut things out.  For instance, so do we need mashed potatoes, bread stuffing and escalloped corn?  Turns out, yes, we do.  Marlo love the potatoes, I love the stuffing and our son, Tom's favorite, is the corn.  So there you go.  And don't try cutting the pickled herring and we must have at least a little lefse.  And we need two kinds of sweet potatoes.  Some love the sweet kind with brown sugar and butter and others love the savory ones with olive oil, salt and pepper.

We have modified dessert from year to year.  We have been known to get six kinds of pie from Perkins (don't judge us, but I'm not kidding).  But we have had other desserts.  My sister, Connie, has made wonderful treats such as pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin tort, banana cake with caramel icing (my brother-in-law's birthday favorite some years on the same day), pecan pie, and pavlova with berries, to name a few.  The group size has varied over the years from maybe 8 to 10 all the way up to 26 one time.  I'm not sure of our number for this year but this will be the menu:


     Wine-red and white and sparkling grape juice

     Chopped holiday salad (recipe) This is what Real Simple named it but somehow we have been       calling it Ribbon Salad.  Now sure why.

     Pickled Herring  (Marlo loves these, which is so surprising)                   

     Lefse, with butter

     Mashed potatoes


     Bread stuffing, sage and butter

     Sweet potatoes, 2 varieties-sweet and savory

     Charlie's cranberries (our brother-in-law, a favorite from his family)

     Homemade bread rolls (brought by my sister Donna, for years, sooo delicious)



     Escalloped corn

     Jello-turkey shaped,(we tried to omit this, too, but it's back but smaller)

     Little wieners, (ya, my son, Billy, did not like turkey, so we added this, and you know what?  I get two packs and they all go.)

     Roasted green beans and onions (recipe)

Now you see what I mean.  It's kind of a lot of ridiculous but it may stay that way.  I am happy to provide any of the recipes so please ask.  I have included the chopped holiday salad and the roasted green beans and onions recipe so just click! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I love your comments and please, ask me anything.

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