What is that?  A religious faith, a person on foot? No, this describes what I eat. From Wikipedia, the Merriam-Webster dictionary dates the origin of the term pescetarian to 1993 so it is quite new.  It is one whose diet includes fish and other seafood  but no other meat.  This pescetarian also eats eggs and milk products, therefore, I am a pesco-lacto-ovo-vegetarian.  Let’s not say that again.

How did I come to that decision?  Well, I was in my early forties when I started to have symptoms of menopause, and being an optimist, I had my blood tested for pregnancy.  My provider was wiser and piggybacked tests for menopause when the pregnancy test was negative. (I think she had a giggle on that one.)

The results clearly showed I was in the midst of menopause.  Right about then, my family and I traveled to Disney World and I attended an Obesity Summit Conference One of the presenters was Dean Ornish and he convinced me that with his extremely low fat vegetarian diet, I could eat more and weigh less.  In fact, that is the name of one of his books, "Eat More, Weigh Less".  He also wrote, “Reversing Heart Disease”, which is more popular.

Of course, I wanted to be healthy, but more than that, I did not want to gain weight.  So I got rid of red meat and chicken and other fat sources and ate a lot of beans. Learning about the diet and finding recipes and trying new food was really fun for me.  I found a lot of delicious, easy to make dishes.  I continued to make food for my husband and three children with little change.  In fact, Billy, our middle child, said he was happy there was more meat for him.

It wasn’t too long into the diet that I was convinced to eat fish and seafood.  Eating fish makes it so much easier and fun to eat in restaurants.  And since 1997, when I changed my diet, seafood offered in local restaurants and grocers has become so much better.

My diet is mainly plant based with some seafood.  But if something very special and very beefy is offered, I might have some.  But apart from that, I feel great eating this way and I do not feel deprived.  I have been able to control my weight for a couple more decades and I’m happy about that.

Here’s a quote from Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio podcast, episode 134, October 20, 2017.  He closed that show with, “You know, I’ve heard both sides of almost every food argument.  Red wine is good, alcohol is bad.  Margarine is better than butter, and then it’s not. Coffee is the bain of modern diets and now we can drink it to our health.  Fat was the enemy, now it is sugar.  As someone once said, ‘All things in moderation, and that’s including moderation.’  I think that is one prescription that is definitely worth following.”

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