Caramel Corn

What?  I thought this was supposed to be about healthy stuff.  I’ve gone down that path of trying pureed fruit instead of fat in cake, or using sugar substitute in cookies and I end up being unsatisfied with the result and still wanting a taste of rich chocolate cake with gooey icing.  I realize that these substitutions work for some people and that is good.  But for me, looking at the rest of my life without cake or cookies or a piece of candy is not something I am willing to do.  However, I am willing to have these delights less often.  But when I do, I want to make them good and worth it!

I had a lovely patient that spoke of making her caramel corn in the oven and it was so easy.  I never did get that recipe.  (You know how that goes.)  I remember my mother making delicious caramel corn and we would bunch around that big bowl and eat.  It was so good.  It wasn’t until recently that I found out it was supposed to go in the oven to finish, but we started eating it and it never got there.  Maybe they both used the same recipe!

So, I have the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that was Mom’s go to and found the caramel corn recipe and started making it.  I do not know how many times Mom multiplied it, but I worked it up until I quadrupled it and that makes a respectable amount. (Maybe we do eat a lot more than people did before.)

It is sweet and buttery and delicious.  I have had a great time sharing it with coworkers, neighbors, friends and family.  The full recipe is on the recipe page and it is in the New Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.  I have used Skinny Pop Popcorn 12 oz., which is the big one from Sam’s if I am pushed for time.  But since I have lots of time now, I pop my own.  You will find the recipe for that with the recipes, too.

Our food heritage is one of life’s richest blessing that I thoroughly enjoy.  Caramel corn is such a yummy fall treat, perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and any time in between.

I love your comments.  Thank you for reading.