Fruit Smoothies

We have fruit smoothies for breakfast almost five days every week.  I was inspired by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in one of his many books, “Eat to Live”.  He feels the healthiest foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds.  This is right in line with the DASH Diet that recommends 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  One fruit smoothie has 4 servings of fruit!  This puts you well on the way to reaching the 8-10 fruits and vegetables per day goal.

Advantages of fruit smoothies:

·     easy to make

·     Marlo loves them, (he’ll mention them on Sunday night when he hasn’t had one for a couple days)

·     time tested, (not kidding, we have had these consistently for over 4 years)

·     uses many different fruits and vegetables, (the list is almost limitless)

·     available any time of the year

·     probiotics (yogurt or kefir) and super antioxidants can be added and enjoyed, (I like my Pom in a cocktail, but Marlo is not much of a vodka man)

·     expiration dates are usually not a problem, frozen fruit keeps months and Pom refrigerated for months is good (my current bottle exp. date is February 2018) and almond milk lasts weeks (cartons I bought yesterday have exp. date 11/30)

·     They are delicious!!!

There are problems with fruit smoothies.  You have to put many ingredients together every morning.  To make this easier, my sister, Connie, puts her combinations of fruits in a Talenti repurposed container in the freezer for quick addition in the morning.  Another concern is that smoothies are high in carbohydrates and low in protein.  This is true.  However, the carbohydrates are complex and full of nutrients and the almond milk we use has some protein.  Marlo balances his breakfast with a hand full of nuts and a cup of hot coffee.  A third problem is that you need a blender.  I was surprised to learn that almost all of my patients had a blender or smoothie maker.  They might not be using it, but they had one.  And these super powerful blenders are just amazing!  They can transform regular food to super delicious!  So there are problems with fruit smoothies that can be solved.

And finally, there is another little advantage I like about fruit smoothies.  We get delicious homemade jelly from my sister, Susan, and Marlo’s sister, Betty.  Since we were eating toast infrequently, the jelly not so much.  And I reasoned, here is food made from local fruit with simple ingredients full of concentrated flavor.  So, I add about a teaspoon of jelly to our smoothies and zing!!  They are so good!! (This probably doesn’t beat the ice cream a patient told me he added, but that is another problem.)

It’s great hearing from you.  Thanks for reading this.