Let’s talk about salt.  Absolutely, there are problems with salt.  When I started making meals on a regular basis, I tried to avoid salt as much as possible believing I was doing the best for me and my families health.  But I gave up too much taste!

There are problems with salt.  Eating salt can cause weight gain.  Who wants that?  Plus, there can be uncomfortable bloating. Ugh!  Eating salt can cause blood pressure increase-dangerous for your heart.  Some people are particularly susceptible to this and people with certain medical conditions cannot tolerate very much salt and can benefit from following a very low salt diet.  Salt has some serious problems.

But, let’s look at salt’s benefits.  There are three big ones. Salt is essential for life.  We need a certain amount of salt.  This could be why it tastes so good.  There it is!  The best part of salt is taste, taste and taste!

So, what do we do?  We use and enjoy salt.  Be sure to taste your food and salt to the point that really tastes good.  You will know when you reach that point. (Salt Fat Acid Heat) Don’t be afraid to salt to that great taste level.  If you cook at home and avoid processed foods, you will be eating so much less salt and food will be better for you and hopefully taste better, too.   In addition to cooking at home, eat more fruits and vegetables such as the DASH Diet, and you will add minerals and electrolytes that will balance the salt and keep your blood pressure controlled plus so many other health benefits.

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