Fruit Smoothie (there are about a million recipes but this is how I do it)

IMG_6488 4.jpg


·      ½ frozen banana (peeling before freezing is important, I break a banana in 2 or 3 sections and freeze them in a cake pan.  When frozen, I transfer them to a baggie.)

·      ½ cup frozen mixed fruit

·      ½ cup frozen berries such as strawberries, cherries, mixed berries, blueberries to name a few

·      ¼ cup fruit juice, usually Pom Wonderful but any would work, i.e. orange, pineapple, apple

·      ¼ cup plain kefir, I’ve used flavored kefir or yogurt, all good (Marlo doesn’t like this so I skip it for his).

·      1 tsp jelly, to add zing!!

·      Almond milk to the fill line



            Place each of these items into an individual smoothie maker container.  I add them in the above order, but I don’t imagine that really matters.  Then blend and enjoy!  I use a Ninja and it has worked beautifully for years.  If you under fill the container, it won’t blend well and if you over fill the container, you have a mess, (amazing how far that thing can spray).

 I was happy to learn that you can order additional individual containers, which is nice when our kids are home.  I buy the frozen fruit, Pom Wonderful,  and almond milk at Sam’s Club.  We use a lot, so it is worth buying large quantities.  And there is rarely any wasted.  So it’s a deal!


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