Hi!  Iā€™m Jane Sveen.  I liked being a cardiology physician assistant and was at a cardiology specialty clinic for over 35 years.  I like being an addiction physician assistant treating people with opiate use disorder. I like being a wife, mother of three wonderful people and for the last few years, a grandma. 

Between working in cardiology and addiction medicine, I was surprised how happy I was when I cook and bake, read cook books, healthy diet books, food blogs, listen to food podcasts and come up with new things to eat.  I love to see the food I make enjoyed by friends and neighbors.

I worked over three decades in cardiology and so when my dear husband mentioned his chest pain, I knew what to do.  Now with coronary artery stents in place he has new motivation to really change how he eats and exercises.

I have tried to be as healthy as possible all my life mostly to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  I have learned a lot over the years and have come to realize how difficult it is to get someone else to change how they eat.  I have concluded that food has to taste good and be enjoyable.  After that, control gets tricky.

Thanks for reading my blog!